Samsung Greatest Hits: Top 2012 Samsung Releases

Samsung has risen in recent years to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. The company’s televisions are market leaders, and in 2012 they overtook Nokia to become the world’s largest mobile phone maker.

The biggest 2012 release for the company was the Galaxy SIII mobile phone. Unveiled in May, the handset impressed the media and was dubbed as an “iPhone killer”. The device won many awards and was the global leader in sales by the third quarter of the year.

Another market leading mobile device released in 2012 was the Galaxy Note II. Read More

10 Incredible Electronics For Work, Home and Play

Having great electronic devices can increase your productivity at work and home. A laptop computer allows you to bring work home from the office. Your laptop will give you access to the same programs you have on your desktop. You can also work from your tablet or laptop when you travel. Tablets will make your life in multiple ways. A tablet will allow you to read emails, listen to music and read eBooks everywhere you go. You can browse your tablet’s app store to find many Read More

Top 20 Electronics Hitting The Market This Summer

Every summer sees the release of some great new electronic gadgets, and the summer of 2013 looks to be no exception.

The Razer Edge is a brand new tablet made specifically for gaming. It runs on the Windows 8 platform and offers a wide variety of options that make it an extremely versatile device. It functions as a Windows 8 tablet, a personal portable gaming system, a two-player gaming system and a console system that plugs into televisions.

Utilizing common components found on today’s tablets, the 2014 Chevrolet Impala will feature a Read More

Your Electronics and the Power of Documentation

Let me walk you through a scenario:

You just bought a 1000 television – the best that Best Buy could offer – and you’ve just finished mounting it to the wall. You have a great night enjoying it and then the weather strikes. Point is, you weather the storm and you come downstairs to your man cave only to find the television on the floor – cracked.

After you finish cursing and picking up the pieces, you realize that you have home insurance.

Unfortunately, if you’ve gone through or any of the various providers you can find online, then only a fraction of the insurance could cover your belongings. Sometimes that’s enough to cover the damage, but what if it’s not?

Well, that’s where the power of documentation can come in handy.

You see, when you make a big purchase like some kind of theatre-quality television, you should always hold onto the receipt. Not just for returning purposes, but so you have something to show the insurance people when you make a claim.

By having an accurate and authentic receipt of the damaged television, you can accurately display the worth of the appliance to the providers and it makes a claim even easier to file with favorable results.

Something to think about next time you want to empty your pockets full of receipts into the trash.

Our Picks: Favorite Digital Cameras And Photo Scanners

In this day and age, many people do not even leave their homes without a digital camera with them. Taking pictures is the ideal way to remember special moments in your life. You never know when you may want to take a picture of something, so it is recommended to have your digital camera with you at all times. Because old photographs are typically not in digital format, you may want to put them onto your computer to share with others online or to simply look at Read More

Buying Tips: Features Your New PC Should Have

Purchasing a PC today is a lot like car shopping. There are so many features, colors and additions. It’s no wonder why it’s so hard to shop for a new computer. If you’re in computer shopping mode now, these are some features you may want to consider:

Graphics – If you’re going to watch a lot of TV or play video games, a high-end video card is recommended. Look for something known as VRAM, which can increase the quality of the picture displayed on your computer monitor.

Hard Drive – The hard drive is going to store files such as Read More

10 Buying Tips: Small Business Office Computing Hardware

When searching for small business office hardware, there are many factors to consider.

Create a list for the type of equipment that you will need. The main component for any office hardware is the computer system.

Determine the type of computer that you want to use. This will include the use of a desktop or a laptop computer.

The type of computer that you choose will require an operating system. The two most common options for an operating systems are Windows Read More

20 Mobile Alternatives To Desktop And Laptop Computers

Today, we like to be connected with others at all times. Because desktop and laptop computers can not be carried around everywhere, mobile phones have stepped up their game to bring customers mobility, entertainment, and convenience in one small, handheld device. Mobile phones of today have made it possible to consistently check for and send emails, talk with friends and family, plan business meetings, watch movies, listen to music, and so much more. While smart phones offer a wider selection of features than basic phones, basic selections still offer many great features that are typically found on laptop Read More

Best and Worst Features Of Latest Samsung Galaxy

With a new year comes a new phone by Samsung. This time they are iterating one of their most successful phones to date, the Galaxy. This time it’s the Samsung Galaxy S3, but are the features worth upgrading for? Or is this just an iteration that people can avoid all together?

The first thing that you will notice when you get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3, it feels like a cheap plastic when compared to the S2. This Read More